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Entente Definition & Meaning

Entente is an agreement between two or more parties, typically countries, to cooperate in order to achieve a common goal. The term is French for “understanding” or “agreement.”


Entente History

What Does Little Entente Mean?

The little entente was an alliance between France, Czechoslovakia, and Romania in the early 1920s. It was formed as a response to the increasing power of Germany and Austria-Hungary, and the alliance was meant to protect the smaller countries in Europe from being overrun by their larger neighbors. The little entente was dissolved in 1938,…

What Does Anglo-Russian Entente Mean?

The Anglo-Russian Entente was a treaty between the United Kingdom and Russia signed on August 31, 1907 by Sir Edward Grey and Prince Dmitry Lobanov-Rostovsky. The purpose of the entente was to prevent any other Great Power from intervening in the internal affairs of Persia, which lay on the northern border of British India. In…

What Does Entente Cordiale Mean?

On 8 April 1904, the French and British governments signed the Entente Cordiale. The Entente Cordiale was a series of agreements which essentially ended centuries of hostility between the two countries. The agreements settled many disputes between France and Britain, including the question of control over Egypt. The Entente Cordiale also helped to create a…

What Does Triple Entente Mean?

The Triple Entente was a military and political alliance between France, the United Kingdom, and Russia. The alliance was created in 1907 in order to counterbalance the growing power of the Central Powers (made up of Austria-Hungary and Germany). The three countries pledged to support each other if any one of them was attacked by…


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