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Dream About A Dead Friend (Spiritual Meanings & Interpretation)


Psychologists believe that dreams are produced by our brain and mind. They may be about our past experiences or they may represent what we truly feel. This is the reason why when we dream of our dead relatives or loved ones, we usually think that it is all about yearning.

But, what does it mean when we dream about a dead friend? Does it hundred percent mean grief or there are other messages behind it?

Dream About A Dead Friend (Spiritual Meanings & Interpretation)
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11 Meanings When a Dead friend Appears in Your Dreams

When we dream of a dead friend, and that person is very close to us, we tend to sleep more and continue the dream. It is a surreal feeling of connection.

Additionally, these dreams may be pleasant or disturbing, and in this article, we will discuss these messages.

1. You are still yearning and coping with the loss

If you dream about a close, dead friend, this can represent your grief. You are missing this person and you are still processing the loss. Remember, the unconscious mind always works together with the conscious mind.

In the form of a dream, your unconscious mind is reminding the conscious mind that this person has already passed away. If you have not coped with the grief yet even though you have been to the funeral, dreaming of this person will help you in the healing process during these tough times.

2. You lack acceptance

When you dream about a dead friend, this can also represent emotions. It is indeed true that it is hard to let go of a deceased loved one. However, to overcome grief, standing up and restarting again will help you mourn less.

One of the factors that can cause a lack of acceptance includes the memories you had with your friend. You might have been stuck in those happy times but you must understand that you should move forward as well.

For some days, you can cry and all, but, you should also learn to accept the pain and the fact that this person will not be present physically again.

3. A reminder for you to enjoy life

A reminder for you to enjoy life
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The details of the dream and the characteristics of the person in your dream are also important when looking for dream meanings. When you dream about a dead friend who is showing his or her gentle smile, this dream is associated with joy, positivity, and success in your waking life.

Moreover, this dream can represent the people around you who are always ready to help. So, this is a sign for you to enjoy life, start worrying less, and live your life to the fullest just like it is the last time for you to do it.

On the other hand, if you dream about a dead friend with a wicked smile, this can represent ill emotions and unhappiness in real life. Although terrifying, this is a warning for you to expect changes and unhealthy relationships and friendships.

4. Wishing for a reconnection with a dead friend

When you dream of a friend who has passed away and he or she is talking to you while on a hospital bed, this can represent reconnection. This means that you wish to bond with this person again due to untold emotions or unfinished business with them.

If you have spent many years with this person, this wish of reconnection is painful because it will never happen. So, when you dream about a dead friend, take it as an opportunity to resolve the things that bother you.

Other spiritual reasons why you dream of a dead friend talking to you include real-life issues, lack of confidence, and fear.

5. A reminder to live in peace

Kissing someone on the forehead sometimes means goodbye, and if you dream about a dead friend doing this to you, this can represent peace.

In real life, you might be worried about your relationships with some people. You might be experiencing some issues with them and you start to become anxious and stressed.

So, in this dream scenario where you get a kiss from a dead friend, this is a message for you to live peacefully and in harmony. You have the wisdom on how to unite and blend with these people and healthy solve these issues.

6. You lack emotional intimacy

You lack emotional intimacy
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Dream experts like Carl Jung believe that a dream is a doorway or gateway to get insights into the supernatural.

When you dream about a dead friend and you are engaged in sexual activity, this can represent a lack of emotional intimacy. It is a message that your relationship in your waking life is not healthy and is no longer working.

Generally, although this dream offers pleasure, it is a negative one because it symbolizes bad luck or unhappiness with your spouse or partner. In Japan, it is believed that our subconscious mind processes our emotional signals.

Thus, when you feel this negative emotion, your mind helps you overcome it through pleasurable dreams. It triggers the positive and happy memories you had.

7. You have feelings of guilt and remorse

When you dream of a dead person and you are arguing with this person in your dream, this can represent guilt and remorse. It talks about the emotional connections and regrets you have in real life.

On a positive note, these arguments are reminders of the good memories you have with this dead person. On a negative note, these arguments are issues you failed to resolve while that person was still alive.

Moreover, dreaming about this event could also signify your arguments with the people close to you in real life. Some of these people could be a family member, your partner, or your best friend.

8. You might be struggling with a breakup

If in your dreams, you hugged your dead friend, this easily means you are missing this person. However, it is not just about this because it can also mean resolving your inner battles caused by your relationship life.

Generally, hugging deceased people means giving a truce, accepting what happened, and moving on instead. It means giving an end to something that causes you some pain in your soul.

It is true that in real life, breakups are extremely painful, and genuine ones are hard to let go of. When you cannot handle it, someone from your dream will help you out.

Usually, aside from dead friends from the afterlife, parents, siblings, and mentors appear in your dream to guide you in the healing process and make you avoid revenge.

So, when you know for yourself that the grief you have from this breakup is unhealthy, you should learn how to take the next step.

9. Your support is needed by someone

Your support is needed by someone
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When you dream about a deceased friend and in your dreams, you killed this person, this can symbolize help. Although disturbing and considered a nightmare, it is a message for you to support someone close to you.

In real life, most of us experience hardships and struggles. So, if you dream about it, use your intuition and reach out to that close person you have as he or she might be waiting for your help and support.

Always remember to do what is right to avoid guilt, just like how you feel when you dream about a dead friend whom you fail to connect with while this person is alive.

Other dream symbols about killing a dead friend include worse life changes, emotional pain, and shame.

10. You are feeling alone

When you dream about a dead friend and this friend died because of drowning or unnatural death, this might mean that you are feeling alone. Although you wanna hide this emotion, you know for yourself that you are seeking comfort from other people, especially the closest ones you have.

Thus, do not be afraid to seek warmth from others, especially when you want to talk about your real-life issues. Do not be drowned by your anxieties, agonies, and fears. Your feelings are reflected when you dream.

11. You are not accomplishing your duties

If you dream about a dead friend who passed away because of falling, this dream is a manifestation of your failed goals in waking life. When you dream about these kinds of dreams, take them as a sign for you to work well, focus better, and change your perspective in life.

Since this dream represents failures and disappointments, it is also a sign that you need guidance, especially when making decisions. To make these accomplishments easy to fulfill, learn to assess your goals and follow a step-by-step technique.

Lastly, stay consistent and do not let the pleasures of the world distract you from achieving and reaching your planned destiny in real life.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, a dream interpretation about a friend who finished the circle of life might be a sign of yearning. However, it is not just about missing this person. Instead, there are hidden messages when this dead person appears in your dream.

These messages can be positive and can be negative as well. All you have to do now is to take these dreams as signs to live in peace, enjoy life, and do the best things you can to avoid guilt and regret.

Dream About A Dead Friend (Spiritual Meanings & Interpretation)
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