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Dream About Cows (Spiritual Meanings & Interpretation)

Dream About Cows (Spiritual Meanings & Interpretation)

Dreaming of a cow is not very unusual and it’s a dream that usually appears in women. Well, some men also dream about cows since they also have a feminine side.

In a dream, cows symbolize fertility, motherhood, prosperity, and femininity. There are so many positive aspects that are connected to cows inside your dream so you can expect that the interpretations are usually favorable to your waking life.

You don’t have to make blind guesses because we will help you figure out the meaning of your dream.

Cows in your Dreams


Cows in your Dreams – Do you have to be Alarmed?

Compared to other animals like snakes, sharks, wolves, and other creatures, dreaming about cows is more on the positive side. However, there are also other negative interpretations depending on how your subconscious mind works.

Let’s figure out the general meaning of the cows in your dreams.

1. Motherhood

This is a pretty general interpretation of cows and it is also the same when you dream about them. They are a symbol of motherhood, fertility, purity, and life. Actually, cows are even considered the universal mother because of their selflessness and their ability to provide for everyone.

Although cows usually portray maternal instincts, it doesn’t mean that this interpretation is only meant for females. Some men also have the same traits as a cow. If you’re a man and you saw a cow in your dream, don’t worry. It only means that you have the traits of a mother.

2. Prosperity

We all want to have great fortune and to be successful in life. This is what cows in dreams represent – abundance. This dream means that you are going to encounter great luck and prosperity in your life.

If you are in a slump right now, dreaming about cows will signify that your life is going to change. You might get promoted or you might get the job that you really want. Good news will swarm your life and your career will have a boost.

3. Wealth

Hindus in India consider Cows sacred and they are considered a symbol of wealth. If you dream about cows, it also means that your financial situation will improve for the better. In Hinduism, cows are also a sign of good luck which is why they don’t eat beef.

You cannot expect anyone to directly give you money. However, your career will improve greatly and your business will flourish.

4. Good Health and Longevity

Cows symbolize good health and long life so if you dream about them, it also means that you will live a longer life. Take note that this kind of dream will still depend on how you live your life.

If you have a lot of bad habits like drinking, smoking, and eating unhealthy foods, you won’t live a long life no matter how many times you dream of cows. Actually, the dream might even be the complete opposite. You might be dreaming of cows because your subconscious mind is telling you to live healthily.

Cow Dream Scenarios and Their Interpretation

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Cow Dream Scenarios and Their Interpretation

1. Dream of Healthy and Fat Cows

It’s a bit difficult to tell if a cow is healthy or not in your dream, but if they are in a pasture and they look happy, it means they are properly taken care of. If you had a cow like this in your dream, it means that you will have a peaceful and fulfilling life.

Although it won’t be smooth sailing all throughout your life, you won’t have to worry about problems that might cause depression or too much anxiety to you. Creating balance and harmony around you will be a piece of cake and you will continue to prosper.

As long as you make the right choices, you will live a healthy and carefree life.

2. Dreaming of Sick and Thin Cows

As we said, dreams about cows are mostly positive, but there are instances where the dream would mean bad luck. This is one of the dreams that would make you take a step back.

If you had this kind of dream, it means that you make a lot of mistakes in your health, finances, and relationships. You may have a lot of vices or you tend to neglect your partner.

This dream can serve as a warning sign that you are neglecting your priorities. Make sure that you control your emotions as well.

3. The Cow is Attacking You

Are you sure that you’re not dreaming about a bull? Well, if you are dreaming about a cow attacking you, it means that you are craving love and attention.

You may have been divorced for a long time and you don’t have any life partners. There is also a chance that your partner is neglecting you, which is the reason why you don’t get enough love.

This dream can also mean that your plans for the future will face a lot of problems. This will affect your current life and cause more stress to you.

4. You’re Bitten by a Cow

Being bitten by a cow is very uncommon since they don’t really bite in real life. Cows are herbivores so when they attack, they often use their horns (if they have one).

Since it’s a dream, everything’s possible. Being bitten by a cow means that you are planning to have a sexual relationship with other people other than your current partner. This dream warns you that you need to be careful with what you’re going to do or you’ll end up shaming yourself.

Dreaming of a Black Cow

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5. Dreaming of a Black Cow

Even if cows are often related to positive dreams, there are a few negative dream interpretations. If you dream of a black cow, this is a sign of something mysterious. It means that there will be uncertainty in your actions.

This is a warning sign that you have to be careful with your actions as they can affect your future. It can also be a sign of betrayal in your family, friends, and colleagues.

6. Dreaming of a Brown Cow

When brown cows appear in your dreams, you need to fix the problems in your workplace. You have to focus on your career and always think about the things that you will do, especially the things that would affect your work or your colleagues.

This dream also means that the future is bright and you just need to make the right decisions if you want your career to go further. Simplicity is an attribute of the color brown so make simple decisions to achieve success in your career.

7. Dreaming About White Cows

Among the different colors of cows, white gives the most perfect interpretation. This is a great dream for anyone, especially for people who love to travel. This is the color of the cow that brings prosperity to the dreamer.

This dream would mean that you will go out on a journey and you will visit different places. It means that you will probably go out of the country and travel.

Along the way, you will meet new people and you can expand your social connections. New opportunities will also present themselves to you. If you dream about a white cow, it’s time to go out and explore the world. Don’t worry because you will be successful in your endeavors.

8. Catching Cows in your Dream

If you dream about catching cows, it is a positive sign that you need to move out of your comfort zone. You’ve been there for a long time and it’s time for you to go out and explore other options. Use your creativity and try other things.

You need to know your true potential and take risks. If you do this, you can further your career and improve your life.

Milking a Cow

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9. Milking a Cow

This dream is like a confirmation that you’re doing a great job with your life. You are working hard and it is starting to pay off. Success and positive energy are circling your life and it’s only a matter of time before you find success.

Work confidently and always think about your every action. Positive choices will definitely lead to positive results in the near future.

10. Herd of Cows

If you had a dream about a lot of cows, it means that good luck is starting to enter your life. You have to keep working hard so the blessings and benefits that you will get would be abundant as well.

It also shows that you are bringing good luck to your business. You will achieve success in the things that you will do whether it is in romance, career, or business.

11. A Cow is Giving Birth

This is a positive sign, which means that it will affect your life positively. This is an indication of new beginnings and a positive transformation will happen.

An old cycle will come to an end and a new opportunity is going to open for you. Take it and work hard to reach the success that you’re looking for.

Final Thoughts

When you dream about cows, always pay attention even to the smallest details in your dream. Try to remember as many details as possible as it can affect the actual interpretation of your dream.

If you have any unique dreams about cows that you want to be interpreted, you can comment below and will help you.

Dream About Cows (Spiritual Meanings & Interpretation)



Thursday 13th of April 2023

I had a dream at 7 am about flying in the air. I was all over the skies with my hands as my wings but I kept dropping low onto the ground and kept fighting to get back up. I usually get back up though. I was now flying over a cow pasture with many brown cows with white spots on their faces. One with horns ran after me and I kept fighting to stay up so it wouldn't catch me. It didn't but it still stands out in my mind.

Brenda White

Wednesday 12th of April 2023

I have this dream a couple of times. It’s about it a black faced cow (the rest is black and white). The cow runs towards me and I’m very very happy to see the cow as it gives me a hug each time. It’s like the cow missed me and I missed it. I’m hoping this is a good dream. What does it mean?


Saturday 11th of March 2023

Dreaming of a cow attacking from the tree and after you jump down then it chases you