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Dream About Dad Dying (Spiritual Meanings & Interpretation)


When we experience the death of our parents, the grief and pain we feel last forever. Generally, grief is not a state of moving on. Instead, it is a process of moving forward.

However, the dream of dad after he passes away makes yearning come back and we cannot explain it. We just cry and feel alone again.

But, what really is the message when we dream of dad dying? Does father act like messengers or does he want to tell us something important that he failed to do while he was alive?

Dream About Dad Dying (Spiritual Meanings & Interpretation)
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What Does it Mean When You Dream of Your father dying?

If we come to think of it, dreams are created by our subconscious mind. However, they are also representations associated with our waking life. 

When we dream of father dying, this is definitely a terror dream. But, there are many messages from these scenarios that are associated with our spirituality. 

Some of the symbols of dad dying are goodness, prosperity, fear, sorrow, confusion, regret, disappearance, betrayal, disgust, and yearning.

8 Dream Meanings of a Dead Father

Generally, significant changes are bound to happen when you dream about your father’s death. These are negative or positive changes that are being sent to you as a warning and encouragement. 

A father’s death dream should not be a scary thing to remember. Instead, it should be a guide on how to continue living in the waking life. 

1. You are about to get hired

You are about to get hired
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There are different ways people give an end to their cycle of life. Some are because of accidents while others are because of aging. If you dream about your father who died because of severe health issues, this is a message for you that you will finally get your dream job in no time.

So, do not take this dream as a negative one. Through the guidance of your father, you will fulfill your ambitions as long as you do your work.

Moreover, if you dream about your father with good health who died because of an accident, this is a message that this blessing is near. If your parents are still alive, do not forget to share these blessings with them as they have been praying for you as well.

2. You are encouraged to pray for your parents

While we were younger, our parents would usually pray for us – our health, our career, our education, our safety, etc. As we grow older, we also do the same for them and this is how we show our love.

However, when your father died and you dream about it, this is a message for you that your prayer is needed by your father. You are needed for them to finally achieve harmony and peace. 

You might be too busy chasing worldly pleasures or you focus on your physical life over spiritual life that you have already forgotten your responsibilities as a child.

Personally, this happens a lot and I think it is included in the process of moving forward. But, after dreaming about such an event, you will realize that you also need to reconnect with them through prayers.

If in your dream, you are talking to or dancing with your deceased father, this can also represent inheritance or material gain.

3. Death is approaching you

Death is approaching you
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In the United States, hospice patients tend to dream about end-of-life. In these dreams, patients report that they are being invited by their departed loved ones. 

If you dream about your father and he is asking you to join him in another world, take this as a warning sign that death is creeping up on you. This is a negative meaning, most especially when you decide to take your father’s hand and join him.

In real life, when you dream about it, you are encouraged to repent. Pay attention to your surroundings and always keep yourself and your family members secure.

4. A reminder for you to eliminate your bad attitudes

A dream of a dead father during a funeral service also represents your attitude. Generally, we have a good conscience and we are born good and during our younger years, we prefer good decisions in life as how we are taught by our parents. 

However, as we age, some areas of our life change, including our attitudes. We become more focused on ourselves and our decisions sometimes cause disappointments and frustrations to our loved ones. 

Consistent with a study from the United States, young and older adults possess different attitudes and these are usually affected by experiences. 

For example, if you get scolded by your parents or if you resent your father for working abroad and not seeing him for a long time, you have the tendency to turn into a stubborn and rebellious person. You become more introverted and sensitive, and you follow the negative influence of the world.

Unfortunately, these behaviors are your weak spots. Based on Carl Jung’s idea of Personality Development, if you want to succeed in life, you have to eliminate these attitudes. This transformation will also be a way for you to learn how to express yourself positively.

5. Be ready to explore the world

Be ready to explore the world
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In some countries, when teenagers turn 18 or 21, they are required to move out of their parent’s house. In some Asian countries, this is not the same. This is one of the reasons why some children are still dependent on their parents.

When you dream about your father and you see his face in a coffin, take this as a message for you to shift, step out, and explore the world. Learn to live as an adult and forgive yourself if you think you failed in life.

This is the right time for you to move forward and accept your flaws. If you have done something wrong in the past and this is the reason why you keep on hiding in your parent’s house, this is a sign for you to work on your negative traits and consider doing a major change in your lifestyle.

Remember, you are capable of improving yourself. So, find a way to live a healthy, long life. Through the help of your relatives and some people you trust, you will discover new ideas and places outside your family’s home that can enhance your well-being.

6. You are independent

In real life, there are events when a wife tends to follow the death of her husband. In some countries, this symbolizes the fire and love between them. 

However, when you dream about your mother dying after your father passed away, this represents independence. No matter what advice the people around you give, you are likely to reject them because you believe in yourself more.

Generally, losing both parents means receiving no support and you can also consider this as a sign of bad luck. 

Moreover, if you dream about both of your parents dying at the same time, this can represent betrayal from your friends. Although you can stand on your own, you are still encouraged to make friends with genuine people.

Sometimes, a dead mother and father also symbolize an ending and rebirth. If you dream about this, make sure to protect your job, finances, and the relationships you treasure. 

For the rebirth part, this is a sign of new beginnings such as a wedding or pregnancy might happen soon.

7. Learn how to manage your finances

Learn how to manage your finances
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As said above, dreaming about a dead mom is associated with finances. How about when in your dream, the dead person is your father? Is the meaning the same?

Generally, dreaming about this event is associated with material loss, and this loss is caused by the negative people around you who are trying to drag you down.

If you are a giver, learn to be generous in a healthy way. This means that you should also save for yourself because there might be a day when you need help financially and no one will bother to help you, even those whom you have helped in the past.

If you currently have a business, use your income to generate more savings. In real life, not all businesses last forever, especially during this time of pandemic. Thus, while you are earning a lot, learn to manage your finances and waste no money on unimportant trips.

8. You are surrounded by your enemies

There are also reports that dreams are caused by unprocessed daily experiences. But, they are also representations of suspicions about the people around you.

If your father died in your dreams and you can only see his head, take this as a warning sign. In real life, you might be surrounded by enemies and you are about to experience uncertain periods in life that are related to your job, education, girlfriend, or boyfriend.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, dreams of your father dying are terrifying and sad. However, these dreams are not just about negativity. Instead, they are messages about how you can improve yourself, especially your attitudes in waking life.

If you ever dream about them, be brave enough and find their meanings. If your parents are still alive, these dreams do not literally mean death. Instead, they are warnings and guidance on how you should safely and properly live your life on earth.

Dream About Dad Dying (Spiritual Meanings & Interpretation)
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