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Dream About Receiving Gifts From the Dead (Spiritual Meanings & Interpretation)


Dreams are mysterious messages at the best of times. But when you receive a gift from a dead person, no doubt you’ll awaken with lots of questions and few answers.

Why are you thinking of death? Does the person’s identity mean anything? And what exactly is the meaning of the gift?

Today, we have some answers for you. We’ll go through all the different interpretations of dreaming that you receive gifts from the dead. With our help, you’ll be able to shift through the emotions and find some meaning in these curious experiences.

What does a dream of a gift mean
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What does a dream of a gift mean?

In a dream, a gift can come in many forms but is often a unique attribute, quality, or favor you receive. Sometimes it takes the form of an everyday item, a meaningful souvenir, or perhaps it’s a complete surprise that takes you aback.

Gifts can be readily accepted but sometimes refused. In fact, if you decline the gift in your dream, this can symbolize your rejection of said quality or attribute.

Below are some common gifts people dream of and their significance in your life:

1. Dreaming of receiving money

Receiving money in a dream is a good omen. It means you will get a windfall and can say goodbye to money worries. It promises good fortune in work, love, and anything you set your mind to.

Receiving money can also be a sign of your worth as a person. The dead person recognizes your value and gives you a token gesture to remind you never to sell yourself short. Remember to stay true to yourself and remember your worth in difficult times. This is particularly meaningful if you’re competing at work for a promotion.

However, if you reject this gift in your dream or are disappointed by the value, this can symbolize freeing yourself of material things. It’s time to focus on essential things in life before finance.

2. Dreaming of receiving food

Food is a symbol of nourishment, nurturing, and abundance. If you’re given this gift in a dream, it can be a positive sign that you have everything you need right now in life. You are safe and secure and are thriving.

Food is a source of life; when it manifests in dreams, it can be an omen for good health, recovery, and growth. If you are changing direction in life, be it your job, home, o relationship, the gift of food will help keep you strong and grounded.

However, if you’re currently experiencing hard times, the gift of food is a welcomed support system. Try to keep yourself afloat – better times are coming. This gift can help you in the coming months and alleviate your worries.

That said, refusing food in your dream can symbolize that you’re denying yourself something in life. Something important. Perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate your priorities in life and see if there’s something you’ve been neglecting. The dead person in your dream wants you to put yourself first.

Dreaming of receiving a baby or small child
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3. Dreaming of receiving a baby or small child

Babies can be a metaphor for new beginnings in dreams. Receiving a baby is an omen that you’re about to embark on a new journey in life. This is an exciting time for you as you transition and aim to reinvent yourself.

If you receive a small child, this can symbolize that you have obligations in life. You are dependable and respectable, and people look to you as a source of stability.

However, rejecting these gifts can symbolize feeling trapped, unready for commitment, and disappointed over something. Your dream is asking you to reflect on something in your life that you’ve been avoiding.

4. Dreaming of receiving clothes

Clothes can be very symbolic in dreams, especially as a gift. They represent protection and safeguarding.

This person gives you something to shelter in and protect yourself against the cold. Think of them as a set of armor shielding you from the elements. Clothes also offer us safety from other people’s stares. Perhaps you’re feeling under scrutiny right now – the gift of clothes offers privacy.

That said, rejecting garments can point to low self-esteem. You might feel insecure and not worthy. Are you embarrassed about your life now – and you may feel like you’re pretending to be something you aren’t? Time to examine where you are in life and work out just how comfortable you are in your skin.

5. Dreaming of receiving birthday gifts

Receiving a birthday gift is an omen of prosperity and good luck for the year ahead. You are being bestowed with something you need – and more importantly, you’ve received it. In the coming months, if you work hard, you can obtain anything you want.

If the person is a dead relative, no doubt your gift will be incredibly personal. But it also has a symbolic undertone – the people around you want to shower you with love. Embrace their generosity. Their gift could be physical, but it can also be something abstract – spending more time with you or gestures to show how much they are, for example. Allow yourself to be treated – your dream thinks you deserve it.

6. Dreaming of receiving a wedding ring or bracelet

For many people, a ring, bracelet, or piece of jewelry can be one of the most expensive gifts you can receive. It’s a symbol of honor, grace, and commitment. If a dead person is gifting you a ring, this can point to a future marriage proposal.

It’s also a strong symbol of faithfulness. If you’re already engaged or married, the ring as a gift reinforces the dedication you both share.

That said, any kind of jewelry comes with a certain expectation. If you open the gift box and are immediately disappointed or put off with the ring, perhaps this indicates you’re an individual person. You may not be ready to settle down just yet, and instead, you want to keep your own independence. You will also meet new acquaintances that will help expand your life.

Dreaming of receiving the keys or deed to a house
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7. Dreaming of receiving the keys or deed to a house

These gifts are potent symbols of security and safety. The deceased person is sending you a clear sign that you require foundations in your life. Be open to the gift, and you will be rewarded with more structure and stability in your life.

However, if you reject this gift, perhaps you’re in a period of transition. You are feeling aloof and don’t want to be tied down right now. While this isn’t necessarily bad, think long and hard about the direction you are headed in life.

8. Strong senses

Any gift that acts upon our senses can be a powerful life symbol. Examples include perfume (smell), food (taste), and clothes (touch). These gifts ask us to take a closer look at our life path right now.

By acting on your senses, your dream is asking you to be more present in your life. Are you challenging yourself to the best of your ability? Are you neglecting any of your talents? Perhaps it’s time to find a new passion and aim your sights on something more fulfilling – you are capable of more.

9. Dreaming of receiving a weapon

Weapons are natural symbols of power and protection. They can help you defend yourself but also act as a warning for others to keep away. If a dead person gifts you a weapon, it signifies you are stronger than you think.

That said, a sword is double-edged, and perhaps the person is warning you of impending danger. There could be a betrayal in your life, and the weapon instructs you to keep your guard up, even to those closest to you.

Rejecting this gift suggests you’re being naïve in life. You’re exposing yourself and potentially being taken advantage of by seemingly good friends. Reflect on this dream and consider areas of your life, e.g., work, where people may be exposing or exploiting your peaceful nature.

10. Disappointment

More often than not, gifts are a welcomed addition to our lives. But in the dream world, they can take on more powerful meanings. If you are unhappy with a gift, this can be a bad omen of deception and financial difficulties.

You don’t trust the gift’s good intentions. It points to your paranoia over deceit. Have you been hurt in life and built walls around you? This dream is asking you to reconsider your choices. Relax your guard, maintain a good attitude, and expect the best intentions.

What about the dead person in your dream?
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What about the dead person in your dream?

Death can be a frightening thing to experience in dreams. We often think and feel emotional when we see someone we recognize and think it’s a warning.

But in dreams, death symbolizes rebirth, change, and transition. If the person is a deceased relative, you’re being sent a blessing from beyond. The changes coming into your life are good for you, and you should reap the benefits of their good intentions.

If the person and the dreamer were not on good terms, perhaps the gift is an olive branch; they want reconciliation and to draw a line between their past quarrels.

Finally, if you don’t know the dead person, this can mean that the change forthcoming in your life will be unexpected. You need to examine the contents of the gift closely to interpret if this change is of good or bad fortune. It can also point to a secret admirer in your life who wants you to pay attention.


In our waking life, gifts are signs of affection. They are met with gratitude and appreciation and are a sure sign you’re well-liked.

But dreams are often a message from our subconscious to tell us something important. And a gift from a deceased person is rife with symbolism, some of which can be mysterious.

Only by examining the gift, the giver, and how it all makes you feel can you come to some understanding about what the messages your subconscious is sending you.

What does a dream of a gift mean
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