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Dream About A Child Dying (Spiritual Meanings & Interpretation)


Dreaming about a deceased child is one of the worst dreams you can have. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn’t consider such a dream a nightmare.

While most are inclined to ignore and forget these dreams after they happen, some see them as warnings. Individuals who see such dreams in this way believe they happen for significant reasons, and therefore it’s important to understand why you’re having such dreams when they occur.

In this article, we focus on dreams that involve child deaths, specifically focusing on why dreams of a child dying to happen and what they mean. We also look at dreams of death generally to better understand what these say about our true selves. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s begin!

Dream About A Child Dying (Spiritual Meanings & Interpretation)
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Dreams of a Child Dying Can Indicate How You’re Feeling

Dreaming about a child dying could indicate you feel a variety of ways in daily life. Below are some of the emotions that may trigger you to have such dreams:

1. Fear

A dream of death is often brought on by fear. Perhaps you feel your life is in danger; you could be expecting harm or betrayal, perhaps from someone close to you. If you’re a new mother, you could be fearful of what’s to come for your baby; maybe you’re having concerns regarding how you’ll provide for them.

2. Doubt

You may also be doubting your abilities. Doing so can bring on these nightmares. If you’re trying to get pregnant when you have one of these dreams, this could be a sign that you’re doubtful of your ability to get pregnant. And if you’ve lost a child in the womb before, you may be doubting your ability to carry.

3. Anxious

You may be anxious thinking about what’s going to happen to your newborn. You could also be feeling this way when a baby is developing inside your womb. Most mothers say their greatest fear is something awful happening to their baby, and just the thought of this significant loss can bring on waves of anxiety.

Feeling anxious can bring on a range of pregnancy dreams, and unfortunately, dreams of death are common during this time of significant life change.

4. Overwhelmed

Dreams of a Child Dying Can Indicate How You’re Feeling
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Dead baby dreams can also be a sign you’re feeling overwhelmed. Especially if you’re raising a newborn, you could feel overwhelmed and burnt out. You could also feel overwhelmed during pregnancy.

That being said, a dream of your child dying should be an indication to take a step back and give yourself time to relax. Once you do, you can enjoy the time you spend with your child again and focus less on being overwhelmed by their needs.

5. Confused

Such dreams may also indicate that you’re feeling confused. Perhaps you’re unsure of a parenting strategy you’ve adopted, or you may not know yet how to properly deal with tantrums.

Are you having difficulty communicating with your child in the early stages? No matter the source of your confusion, you should focus on supporting your child’s development and embrace this new chapter.

Understanding a small child and the underlying emotions that guide their actions is no easy task, so don’t beat yourself up if you’re struggling.

Have You Lost a Child in Real Life?

If you’ve experienced the traumatic nightmare that is the death of a child, it makes sense why you’re dreaming of the loss of a child. Whether they were born or unborn, the significance has definitely left a deep psychological impact, and you may be experiencing trauma because you’re repressing grief.

You may dream of a child you lost or of an unknown child, and the disturbing nature of such a dream may lead you to wake up immediately. If you’ve gone through this kind of significant change, dreams of dead babies could happen often soon after the tragedy, and even decades later you may still have to carry a massive burden.

Are You Pregnant?

Are You Pregnant
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Because there’s so much anticipation and stress during pregnancy, dreams of dead babies often come to pregnant women at the night. In such a dream, you may think that there is something wrong with your womb; perhaps you feel no kicking. You may also experience a stillbirth in a dream.

You should talk to your OB/GYN if you have such dreams, as these can be stressful and may harm the baby if not addressed properly. They may recommend sleep aids or stress-relieving activities like yoga.

Have You Lost Touch With Your Inner Child?

Having a dream about a child dying isn’t just about the little one; such a dream could also indicate how you’re feeling about your own position in life. For example, you could have such a dream because you’re worried about your own death.

And on an even deeper level, you could be having such a dream because you’re worried about your own inner child being lost.

Parents may dream of the death of a child if they’ve been hyper-focused on raising their children, to the point where they’ve forgotten how to embrace curiosity, new friendships, and other elements associated with children.

Losing a Child in a Dream Could Indicate a New Beginning

The death of a child in a dream can also signify a new beginning. A parent who loses their adult child to a long-term sickness (like cancer) could have such a dream for this reason.

Moving on from such a death is no easy thing, and it’s likely healing will happen slowly over many years. But this dream could be your subconscious mind telling you to not get hung up on what you can’t control.

What Does It Mean if a Child Drowns in a Dream?

What Does It Mean if a Child Drowns in a Dream
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If you witness a child drowning in a dream, this could be an indication that you’re worried about your child when they’re away from you. You may have such a dream if your child is away at camp or learning how to swim.

You may also have this dream if your child is starting to become more independent and no longer needs your guiding hand.

Moreover, it’s true that most drowning deaths are children, and if you’ve seen a story about this on the news it could bring on this kind of dream. This kind of dream is a harsh reminder for parents: that some things you can’t control, especially those things that influence and affect children.

What Dreaming Of Stillbirth Can Indicate

Having to go through stillbirth is one of the most traumatic things a woman can experience. If you’re dreaming of this while pregnant, it could be that you’re nervous.

Dreams of stillbirth are more common in the last trimester. Such a dream can also indicate you want to pass the birth milestone and get on with the next stage of motherhood.

If you’re having such dreams and they’re stressing you out, make sure you talk to your OB/GYN, as they’ll be able to provide necessary tests, words of encouragement, and coping strategies, all of which should give you reassurance and help you sleep.

What Does Dreaming Of Dying Twins Indicate?

Dreaming of dead Twins may be a manifestation of your parental doubts. Losing one child at birth is devastating, but losing two is twice as heart-wrenching. Such a dream while pregnant could also indicate that you are going to have totally healthy twins, surprisingly.

After such a dream, you may consider getting an ultrasound to see if you are having two or three instead of the one you initially expect. This kind of dream is also associated with conjoined twins, as often in such cases one of the children dies.

What Does It Mean if a Child You Can’t Protect Dies in a Dream?

One of the most natural feelings is a parent feeling protective of their children. But every parent knows that there are times when you need to let go of the reins and let your child face the world on their own. If you’re worried about this, you could have dreams that center around your child dying when you’re not there.

Dreams like this can involve a school shooting, or maybe you dream of your child getting into an accident while away with family or friends. Understand such dreams are common among parents who have a tight grip on what their kids do. Therefore, the more freedom you give your child, the more likely it is you’ll avoid having such dreams.


After you have a dream that involves a child dying, it’s likely you’ll be shaken up. Just remember that what happens in a dream does not predict the future.

To make the experience somewhat positive, try to understand what emotions and subconscious feelings may have brought on the dream. Knowledge, after all, can prevent such dreams from happening again.

Dream About A Child Dying (Spiritual Meanings & Interpretation)
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