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Dream of Running Away From Police (Spiritual Meanings & Interpretation)


Having a dream of running away from the police is a natural dream, but the experience can be alarming. Most people might find the idea of running away from the police to be distressing. It can apply that you’ve done something wrong or that you’ve upset a lot of people.

Unfortunately, a dream of such an event can be just as grim. Thankfully, dreams are a powerful tool our brains use to guide our lives and evaluate our inner thoughts and feelings.

In other words, while the implication of dreaming you’re running from the police might be grim and scary, the fact that you’ve had such a dream in the first place is a good sign that there is still time to address the feelings that are causing you so much turmoil.

dream of running away from police meaning
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Elements of the Dream

First, we need to analyze the different elements of your dream. Doing so will allow us to understand the other motifs that play a role in your dream and their different explanations. This will also facilitate the task of trying to understand the dream’s meaning as a whole.


The first important aspect of the dream is the existence of the police. Miller’s Guild states that the police represent authority, justice, and protection.

Interpretations of having police appear in your dreams can vary depending on what the police are doing in the dream and how you interact with them. That said, for the most part, seeing a police officer in a dream means that you are dealing with issues related to authority and justice.

If these issues are positive or negative depends on the other elements in the dream itself, which we will discuss later on in the article. For example, a dream of a police officer helping you solve a crime will yield vastly different results to one where the police are arresting you.

Running Away or Being Chased

The second element of this dream involves running away from the police. As explained by Sleep Foundation, two of the many benefits of dreaming are that it allows us to replay life events and process our emotions related to said events.

If you dream of running away from something or someone, this is an almost literal representation of your feelings regarding a specific event, circumstance, or person in your waking life.

In other words, your subconscious mind tells you you are running away from your problems.

While you must consider what you are running from to properly assess what your subconscious mind is telling you, this sort of dream is usually negative. Customarily, it is a sign that you have problems or conflicts you will soon need to face.

Similarly, Luciding writes that being chased by something or someone in a dream is also a bad omen, though this is slightly different from running away from something.

When you are being chased, the primary focus of the dream is that something is running after you, rather than you from it. In this sense, your conscience isn’t warning you about your behavior but rather that of other people or situations in your waking life.

For example, if you are running away from a loved one in a dream, this might illustrate feelings of guilt. If a loved one is chasing you, you might be afraid of them. While similar, this slight nuance is essential in determining the correct meaning of a dream.

What Does It Mean to Dream About Running Away from Police?

What Does It Mean to Dream About Running Away from Police
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Now that we know what each element of your dream means, we can combine these different explanations to understand the bigger picture of the dream as a whole. If you dream of running away from the police, you might be trying to evade responsibilities in your life.

While this might seem like a simple answer, there are a few variations to this interpretation, and not all of them may apply to you.

A Lack of Discipline

A police dream in which the dreamer runs away from police officers signifies that you feel that there is a lack of discipline and an overall sense of inadequacy in your life.

Such an interpretation is justifiable, as such dreams include you evading authority figures. You might be avoiding influential people in your life that push you to better yourself or to follow a strict regime, such as your parents, teachers, or boss.

You might also be avoiding an undesirable issue or consequence, such as an unpaid parking ticket or an unfulfilled compromise you previously made with someone.

Either way, this dream suggests that you should face these obligations and resolve them. In the same sense, it can also serve as a reminder you need an external force that will help the enforcement of behavior, such as a mentor, to help you manage these obligations.

A Warning for You

Another interpretation is that you are considering doing something wrong or illegal, and this dream is a cautionary sign for you not to take that step.

Keep in mind that this does not necessarily have to be something illegal. Instead, you might feel guilty for taking an opportunity at work through disingenuous ways, such as lying on your resume.

Whatever the situation, the shame you feel for what you did or plan on doing is eating you alive, and this dream is your conscience’s way of letting you know. In a way, it is almost like you want to get caught to repent for your actions.

Other Interactions with Police

Other Interactions with Police
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Alongside running from law enforcement, other common police dreams include the police trying to arrest you for a suspected crime and, alternatively, the police helping you solve a crime or resolve an issue.

Being Arrested

If you are innocent of the suspected crime in this dream, this might be a sign of bad news or challenging obstacles to come in real life. Even if you have no fault in the matter, you will have to undergo severe hardships to maintain your current way of life.

If you are guilty, you are currently trying to overcome obstacles created by your hand. You might have issues in your romantic relationship that are of your own doing, and you need to acknowledge this. Admitting guilt here is the first step to recovery and growth.

The Police Are Trying to Help You

As previously mentioned, the police also represent protection and support. As such, in dreams where the police force tries to help you can signal that you feel you need extra support in your daily life.

In your dream, you might have the police force working tirelessly to solve a crime for you. In other words, you are in a state of your life where you are supported and protected. If you need extra guidance in your life, you have the resources to provide it.

Unfortunately, if you dream that the police are uncooperative and unhelpful overall, you might also feel neglected or abandoned in your waking life. You are in a time of your life when you need all the assistance you can get, but you think that you don’t have any.

During times like this, you should try reaching out to family members and friends. Sometimes, your support group merely doesn’t know you are struggling with something.

You might also need a bit of patience to see this support. Just like with any police investigation, you are getting the correct answers takes time. Help is on the way. You need to hold on for a bit longer until your support group can help you.

Final Words

Ultimately, when you dream of running away from the police, this should be taken as an omen of bad things to come. This is a warning sign that you need to change something in your life.

The specific details of this omen depend on your dream and unique life circumstances. It might be a sign that you’ve made some mistakes in your life that you regret doing. Or you might need an intervention to put your life back on the right path.

There are also deviations from this original dream scenario that can express issues you’re facing in other parts of life. Instead of authority or support being the main focus of your problem, you might struggle with acceptance and guilt.

Whatever your unique circumstances are, if you have a dream of the police chasing you, it is time you take responsibility for yourself and your actions. Facing these consequences can be intimidating, but slowly, you can build the courage you need to do so.

Thank you for reading and please comment if you have any questions!

dream of running away from police meaning
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