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What is R/Place? How Long Last? When End?

What is r/place?

R/place is a subreddit that was created in April of 2017. The premise of the subreddit is simple: users are given a blank canvas that is 10 by 10 pixels. They can then choose to place a pixel on the canvas, and can change the color of their pixel as well.

The catch is that everyone is working on the same canvas, so it’s a race to see who can make the most impactful changes. The subreddit quickly became popular, with users spending hours placing pixels and vying for control of the canvas.

In the end, r/place was a fun experiment that showed what can happen when thousands of people come together to create something.

How long does r/place last?

R/place is a social experiment that was conducted on the website Reddit. It started on April 1, 2017 and lasted for 72 hours. The goal of the experiment was to see if a group of people could come together and build something collaboratively. r/place is no longer active, but it remains an interesting case study in online collaboration.

when does r/place end?

Reddit’s /r/place experiment came to an end on Sunday, April 30th after running for exactly one week. The experiment, which saw users drawing on a 1,000×1,000 pixel canvas in real-time, was initially meant to last for 72 hours but was extended due to popular demand.

In the end, over one million users took part in the experiment, creating a massive mosaic that reflected the diverse interests of the Reddit community. Though the experiment is now over, /r/place will remain accessible as a read-only subreddit so that users can continue to enjoy the incredible artwork that was created.



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