What Does Little Entente Mean?

The little entente was an alliance between France, Czechoslovakia, and Romania in the early 1920s. It was formed as a response to the increasing power of Germany and Austria-Hungary, and the alliance was meant to protect the smaller countries in Europe from being overrun by their larger neighbors. The little entente was dissolved in 1938, after Czechoslovakia was annexed by Nazi Germany.

how did the little entente dissolve?

The little entente was a series of treaties between France, Czechoslovakia and Romania in 1920. These treaties were created as a way to prevent future conflict in Europe and to protect the sovereignty of the three countries. However, the little entente dissolved in 1938 after Czechoslovakia was invaded by Nazi Germany. France and Romania were unable to come to Czechoslovakia’s defense, and the little entente was no more.

when was the little entente?

The little entente was an alliance between France, Romania and Czechoslovakia which aimed to prevent Hungary from joining Austria and Germany. The alliance was signed on 15th December 1920 and it was disbanded in 1938.