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Dream About Deceased Mother (Spiritual Meanings & Interpretation)

Dream About Deceased Mother (Spiritual Meanings & Interpretation)

It’s very common for anybody to dream about the deceased mother. This kind of dream usually occurs right after the death of your mother. You’ll start dreaming about her almost every night. Dreams like this are normal because your emotional state is still adjusting and your subconscious mind works to deal with your longing.

However, what happens when you dream of your mother many years after her death? Can you still say that you are longing for her or there’s a deeper meaning behind this?

The detail of your dream will say a lot about its actual meaning. You probably have a lot of questions in your mind so we will explain the meaning of these dreams.

Why Did your Deceased Mother Appear in your Dreams


Why Did your Deceased Mother Appear in your Dreams?

When it comes to the meaning of dreams, there are no set rules on how they should be interpreted. Your dream can mean anything as it would depend on your beliefs.

If you are asking for help when it comes to dream interpretation, here are some of the general meanings when you dream about your deceased mother.

1. You’re Still Grieving

Some people still grieve the death of their mothers even after a long time. As long as you’re still grieving, there is a chance that you will dream about your dead mother. This is actually a way to cope with the loss.

Basically, when you dream about her, you are still in the process of healing, and feelings of losing her are still putting a lot of sorrow in your life. Your subconscious works by fulfilling your desire – to meet your dead mother. Acceptance is the key and this dream will tell you that it’s time to move on.

2. You’ve Experienced A Tragic Event

Another explanation for this type of dream is that you’ve experienced a tragic event and the pain triggered the same feelings that you experienced when you lost your mother. This might be caused by a death of a friend or a relative.

Once you experienced another tragic event, the pain that you felt in the past will return and you will remember the death of your mother. Because of this, you will start seeing her in your dream.

3. You Miss your Mom

Your mother is your pillar of support emotionally. The relationship you had with her is a primary part of your life and she holds a special part in your heart.

Missing your mom is part of the healing process. Some people can cope with the loss in just a few months, but some people spend years trying to overcome the death of their mothers.

If you encounter a difficult situation in your daily life, you will always think about your mother. Even the hardest problems won’t be too complicated if you have your mom supporting you at the back.

If you are experiencing these things in your waking life, you may dream about your deceased mom.

Failure to Honor your Promises


4. Failure to Honor your Promises

When you fail to honor your obligations and promises, what’s the first thing that will come to your mind? If you promised your deceased mother to do something and you failed to do it, how would you feel?

People make promises when their mothers are already on their deathbeds. They would promise to take care of their siblings or some would promise that they will fix their marriage and take care of the kids.

When you dream of your dead mother, it would mean that you are failing to honor the promises that you’ve made. It’s not because your mother is angry, but it is the result of guilt. The feeling of guilt triggers your subconscious mind to create a dream where your dead mother is there.

5. You Need Help

Your marriage is failing, you are having problems with school, you’re starting to have a lot of enemies, or your business is not doing well – when you are in a pinch financially, physically, and emotionally, you always rely on your mother as your pillar of support.

Even if your mother is already dead, you will always think about her during the most difficult times of your life. Because of this, you tend to dream about her, especially if you need help with your problems.

6. She Wants to Tell You Something

In the bible, dead people appear in your dreams to tell you something important. This is the only way for your mother’s soul to interact and speak with you.

Most people rely on biblical meaning, especially those with a strong faith in God. They always believe that your late mother wants to tell you something if you dream about her often.

Typical Scenarios When You Dream About your Dead Mother


Typical Scenarios When You Dream About your Dead Mother

When you dream about your dead mother, there are specific scenarios that are happening in the dream unless she is just standing there looking at you. We listed down some of the common scenarios in your dream and their interpretations.

1. Talking with your Deceased Mother

There are dreams where you are talking directly with your mother. It doesn’t matter if you understand what she’s talking about or if you can’t remember it. This dream means that you are finally ready to handle the emotions that your mother represents.

These might be related to love or you may want to confront someone. Your mother’s presence can offer comfort and support and once she appears in your dream, it means that you already have the courage to face whatever emotional issues you have with other people.

2. Going on a Journey with your Deceased Mom

If you dream about traveling with your mom, it means that you are dealing with a certain issue right now or it is a warning that something bad is going to happen.

Are you having trouble with your relationship? Are expecting something bad to happen at work? All these negative emotions will overflow in your dream and traveling with your mother, it will serve as a type of encouragement to help you face your problem.

You are probably thinking about the advice that your mother gave you when she was still alive so your subconscious showed you an image of your mother as a way for you to handle the incoming problem.

3. Your Dead Mother is Unhappy

If you dream that your mother is unhappy, it means that you still can’t get over the grief of her death or you are in a bad situation. This kind of dream signifies sadness.

It might mean that you are dealing with a lot of issues in different aspects of your life. When you’re in a bad situation and your frustration is affecting your life, your mother will always feel sad because no parent wants their child to experience hardships.

Dreaming about your mother being sad should be a wake-up call to you. It’s important to focus on the obstacles in your life and try to resolve them one by one.

Your Dead Mother Dying in your Dream


4. Your Dead Mother Dying in your Dream

This is probably one of the gravest dreams that you can ever have that is related to your mother. Experiencing the same pain for the second time can even break a person’s emotional wall. Take note that this kind of dream is very common if you are still mourning your mother’s death.

You probably have a lot of unresolved feelings and the guilt is consuming you. It’s possible that you were not there when your mother died or you have a feud with her before she died.

Always remember that your mother will always forgive you no matter what kind of issue you had with her. Her unconditional love knows no bounds. Even if she’s gone, remembering her is the best way to pay for your mistakes in the past.

5. Your Mom was Resurrected

This type of dream means that prosperity is coming to your life. It means that you are changing the way you live your life. You are doing your best at work, and school, and you are trying to be a great parent to your kids.

If you continue with the path you’re taking and you change your behavior, you will experience more success and satisfaction in the future. It means that you are doing things that would make your mother proud.

6. Receiving Money from your Dead Mom

When you are in a financial pinch, your mother is always the one who helps you. No one is going to give you money in real life. If you dream of your mother giving you money, it means that good times are coming.

If you look at the biblical meaning of this dream, the money that your mother gave you is a type of blessing from God. It means that God is going to bless you and an opportunity is going to come your way.

Many things will come in your favor. You might get the job that you’ve been dreaming about, you are going to be promoted at work, or you’ll finally get the girl of your dreams. This is a type of blessing so make sure that you grab the opportunity and make use of it positively.

Final Thoughts

Dreaming about your dead mother usually means that a blessing is coming your way. It may also mean that you need to keep your emotions in check if you don’t want to experience any tragedy in the future.

Don’t get frightened if you have these dreams. It’s a sign that you love your mother deeply since you always think about her during the hardest times of your life. Prayer will always be your ultimate weapon.

If you want to share your dream about your deceased mother and get some advice from us, feel free to comment below.

Dream About Deceased Mother (Spiritual Meanings & Interpretation)



Saturday 28th of January 2023

I had a dream last night that me and my mom (she passed away in 2002- with my head on her chest as she took her last breath) were standing outside my car. I was moving out of her home and she looked at me and was crying hard. She said she was depressed. I then told her we (me and my new husband) wanted to her to come live with us (he overheard this-as we had not discussed this-and he agreed). Me and my mom reached out to one another and hugged and held each other and cried.


Saturday 21st of January 2023

I can only remember my mom and me at the airport (to my knowledge she never flew and my 1st time was after her passing) and we had her oldest son's ball python (I was adopted and for some reason I felt bad leaving the snake behind). I realized I couldn't take the snake on the plan so I let it go before getting onto the elevator from the waiting area. Afterwards a Benji looking dog came and starting sniffing the snake and trembling in fear from the snake.. The snake opened its mouth around the head of the dog who was visably shaking. I wanted to help the dog but was stunned by the events unfolding.. During this time there was conversation with my mother but I don't recall the details of the discussion.

My mother passed away 2 decades ago and I barely can recall her face anymore but in the dream it was her almost to a to.. Thanks


Wednesday 11th of January 2023

I have had a dream twice this week of me living in a house I have never been or seen before. It's an open concept house. With 3 bdrms, 2 full baths, living room, dinning room and kitchen with two patios, and mymom who passed away in 2018 is standing at one of the doors going out to the one patio. She's healthy, beautiful and smiling. Not too sure on what this means as a whole or how to understand the dream.